Ocean Vision Books

Amazing facts for young adults that bring understanding and wisdom about our existence


This 60 page A5 softcover book is our latest book for sale at R55- including postage within the Republic of South Africa.

The book was written for young adults to impart understanding and wisdom about our existence and the plight of our life support system -Planet Earth.

It is meant to be intellectual, not to talk down to readers and speaks of many truths. It has been written for people of all persuasions and is not a religious book; however it is a spiritual book in the sense that it imparts useful meta-information, by which we mean information about ultimate information.

The public across the World has only recently become aware of the plight or troubles that the Planet has, so our challenges here are quite new.

Fortunately the warning bells have been sounded by good science probably just in time. This book will give you a ‘heads up’ and lots to think about and work towards to make our and your home-Planet Earth-a happier and profoundly better place to live.