Marine Eco-Tours for Non-Diving Tourists

These eco-tours consist of classroom presentations followed by walking tours in various marine environments that are designed for any member of the public who is interested in learning about the marine environment.

Table 3 – Marine Eco-tours

Course Duration Cost
 Rocky Littoral Zone (Ocean shore line), and the origin and vegetation of coastal dunes. A 1 hour Classroom presentation and 1 hour rocky littoral zone and coastal dune tour in Doonside, KZN, 28Kms south of Durban. R75- per person[Minimum 4 people]
 Mangrove swamps. Walking tours for everybody. Eco-tours of mangroves. Mangroves in Beechwood, Durban North R75- per person[Minimum 10 people]
 An Introduction to Large Sharks for non-divers. 4 hours of tuition on these amazing creatures that includes a visit to UShaka SeaWorld shark tank R600- Per person[Minimum 4 people]

We can often accommodate disabled people. Please contact Rolf at Ocean Vision to schedule a booking or to confirm options.