About The Owner

Rolf Collins – veteran ocean diver, SCUBA diving instructor, ocean educator, ocean information specialist, and accredited marine and shark adventure guide and assessor. Rolf maintains a hands-on management style, focuses on the needs of each individual client, has a strong attention to detail, and has an uncompromising focus on safety.

Born and bred South African ocean educator and adventurer

Rolf Collins developed a life-long passion for the oceans and its inhabitants more than 40 years ago, whilst living on Heron Island and diving on the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. As destiny would have it, Rolf was introduced to the wonders of the oceans as a young man by several marine biologists, and SCUBA diving icons such as Ron and Valerie Taylor.

Rolf has diverse and sweeping experience as a SCUBA diver, ocean educator, ocean information specialist, marine adventure guide and SCUBA diving trainer and instructor. Over four decades and more, he has dived many of the reefs off the South African and East African coasts and in the South Pacific Ocean.

What sets Rolf Apart?

Three things set Rolf apart: his long experience as a diving instructor and ocean educator; his uncompromising focus on safety; and his knowledge and passion for the Ocean and its conservation. Learning about the oceans with Rolf will deliver more than just a course or certification card – it will open a whole new world of adventure, and will change your view of the Oceans and their importance forever!

Rolf’s training and experience

These include:

  • Master SCUBA Diver Instructor/Trainer
  • IANTD Full-Trimix Technical Diver
  • Diploma in Marine Biology (Oxford College, UK)
  • Accredited Reef Assessment Research Diver
  • South African Government Accredited, Level 4 Marine and Shark Adventure Guide and Assessor

If you are interested in a course to learn about the Oceans and have the adventure of a lifetime, please contact Ocean Vision today!