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Ocean Information and Education

Ocean Vision is the Ocean Information, Education and Adventure Organization for people who want to learn about and understand our Oceans and Ocean life in a meaningful way.

Our Services

We Instruct SCUBA diving and teach people about the marine/ocean environment. SCUBA Diving Courses

Ocean Vision will teach you about the oceans through lectures and presentations, based on good science and practical environmental experiences. Our teaching is both informal and formal as it applies to primary, secondary and high school scholars in Government and Private Schools and learners in Home Schooling.

We are Government accredited Marine including Shark Adventure Guides and as such offer marine adventure eco-tours for tourists and underwater eco-tours for Ocean Divers. Please refer to the additional information below.

Informal Ocean Education and Awareness for Scholars

This is in two forms, either presentations on their own (click for further details) Presentations to Scholars which are free of charge, or marine eco-tour presentations followed by practical environmental experiences on the beach, in the littoral zone and dunes at R10- per pupil for a minimum 20 pupils Marine Eco-Tours for Schools.

Our presentations on understanding the oceans are free of charge to schools within a 20 km radius of Amanzimtoti south of Durban, South Africa. Presentations include up to date Ocean Threat Information that brings awareness about our threatened life support system Planet Earth.

Formal Marine Biology Education Aspects

Formal education aspects refer to aspects of marine biology found in formal school biology syllabi that scholars are required to learn about. Ocean Vision offers real world teaching about the ocean environment including micro-organisms to enhance classroom learning that is based on good science and if outdoors combined with some adventure. We need to understand your requirement before we can offer a proposal here.

Marine Eco-Tours for Non-Diving Tourists and SCUBA Divers

We offer a variety of marine adventure eco-tours for tourists and suitably qualified ocean divers that are charged at reasonable rates. All eco-tours include class room presentations followed by practical aspects. Please refer to Marine Eco-Tours for Non-Diving Tourists, or underwater eco-tours including shark diving, reefs and shipwreck environments for SCUBA divers. Marine Eco-Tours for SCUBA Divers

Ocean Vision Books

Ocean Vision has authored a book for young adults that brings understanding about our existence and relationship to the planet. Source information about this important book – here.

If you want to learn more about Ocean Vision and all the services it offers, please do not hesitate to contact us today!